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Selling Real Estate

Selling a house is a complicated process, no matter how good the real estate market is. Whether you’re a first-time home seller or not, you’ll probably have a bunch of questions. Do I need a real estate agent? What’s “closing”? How much paperwork am I going to have to fill out? How can I get the best price for my house? How can I sell my house and buy a new one at the same time?

Knowing the value of your house and exercising patience and restraint are key. Get your home appraised; it’s worth the $250 to $500 price tag. In a good market, the sale price can be 10 percent to 15 percent above the appraisal. In a weaker market, the sale price may be around the appraisal figure. We’ll go over how to figure out your sale price in detail later in the article.

Finally, if you're able, try to put your home on the market as long as possible before buying a new one. Otherwise you may end up paying two mortgages, which can be difficult to afford. If you do end up finding a house that you can’t wait to buy before selling your own, you can ask your lender for a bridge loan. A bridge loan is a special type of loan that, if you have enough equity in your current home, allows you to pay the down payment on a new home. You may also be able to get a home equity loan in order to help with the dual mortgage payments.

Tips To Sell Your Home Fast and Easy

There are two main ways to sell your home -- with an agent or without one. Before we discuss and weigh each option, let’s go over some general tips that all sellers should know.

  • Set yourself up for a quick sale
  • Price it right from the start
  • Enhance your home’s curb appeal
  • Set yourself up for a quick sale
  • Update the interior and exterior
  • Clean, declutter and depersonalize
  • Stage the house to show how the rooms are supposed to be used
  • Remove your pets
  • Ensure the listing has good photos, and lots of them
  • Stage the house to show how the rooms are supposed to be used
  • Share information about life in the neighborhood

As the real estate market continues to improve, potential buyers are coming out in droves. Now that we’ve gone over some basic lessons for selling a home, it’s time to consider an old debate: Do I need a real estate agent or not? If your answer is YES, contact us today